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20 November 2010 @ 06:27 pm
Another Love Story  
Title:Another Love Story
Rating:PG (For now)
Disclaimer:I own nothing but the plot :P
Summary:Yesung is in love with Eunhyuk,who is dating Donghae.


Chapter 2


Eunhyuk smiled leaned in to get a little closer to Yesung.Yesung moved his hand to comfortingly pat the side of his head."Don't feel bad about loving someone..."Yesung started and leaned his head against Hyuk's."The heart wants what the heart wants."Hyuk still had his eyes closed with a smile and Yesung looked over to him.It felt so good to see that smile;all the fighting is just keeping them all from being happy.


Eunhyuk wrapped his arms around Yesung,laying his head against his chest."How do you always know what to say to cheer me up?""I'm just amazing."They both laughed and Yesung couldn't help but to kiss the side of his head."At least you feel better right?"Eunhyuk nodded."Good.Now try to get some sleep,okay?"Hyuk gave another nod and stood up.Yesung stood up as well and patted his back gently."Thanks again,hyung.""No problem."Yesung returned a warm smile to him.They gave each other a quick hug and Eunhyuk walked to his room.


Yesung stayed and watched him leave.His smile still on his face,but starting to shorten as he looked down with a sad look in his eyes.He looked down at some random part of the ground in front of him,and tears started to slowly form in his eyes.'He's happy when he's around me...I can make him smile and feel loved....And yet he still remains in love with Donghae..'He thought to himself and looked up at Eunhyuk's door.The tears dried when he ignored and held them back."At least I won't have to see you cry anymore.."


He gave an airy chuckle to himself and turned to walk back to his own room.Before he took another step,he turned to face Eunhyuk's door again."Sweet dreams..."He smiled before turning to go into his room.He closed the door and turned into bed,unaware that someone was watching.


-Journal Entries-

Well it's happened again....Donghae and Hyuk got into another one of those fights.Hyuk was upset after,once again,being accused of cheating.Is he really that paranoid?Why can't he just accept the fact that he has this wonderful man in his life?Like in the beginning...When they first got together...Eunhyuk was just so happy...And made me happy.It was heart breaking to know that he loves someone else,but when I saw the look in his eyes when he told Donghae that he loved him and the happiness that surrounded him when the kissed...I just had to be happy for him.Even though I needed to let him go....But I wasn't letting him go,if I stopped loving him...I would've just been pushing him away.Even now,I still love him...Is it wrong of me?No,it can't be.No matter how much I love him,I have to make sure that he's happy...Even if I still feel like he could only do so truly...if he was with me...-Cloud~Sung


Again...Hae's accusing me of cheating,and again we're always fighting.I'm tired of all this fighting and yelling and yet I don't get out of it.Donghae wasn't always like this..When we first got together,we were so happy...And things seemed perfect when I was with him.Sure he would always be possessive over me,but at first I thought it was kind of cute. It was cute at first... but after a while it got a little too extreme... I guess you can say. Now all that he does is accuse me of cheating with everybody that I laugh with... I don't see why... but Yesung... I just feel like everything is gonna be okay. Donghae.... I just miss him... the old him I mean; before he just yelled about everything. What can I do? I know that this relationship isn't exactly working out... but I just love him and can't turn away. Is there anything I can do? I don't wanna go another night with this pain in my chest... Should I talk to him? Maybe he would understand...Ancho.Hyuk~

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